Due to the influx of Saudi tourists to Ukraine

Many hotels in Ukraine are now responsible for accommodating tourists! Anton Taranenko’s words show the tide of development in tourism.

He told Reuters that a total of 4,000 tourists had visited Ukraine in 2020, with at least 3,000 Saudis expected to arrive every day.

Before the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, many people from the Middle East migrated to Europe to find some comfort in the scorching heat of summer. At the moment, many European countries do not have the opportunity to travel freely. Tourists from the Middle East are now heading to Ukraine, where health regulations are much lower.

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Ukraine completely shut down international flights last March to control the corona outbreak. Due to the severe lockdown, the number of infections has come down a lot.

Besides, the strictures of health have also been reduced a lot. Now you can go to Ukraine only if you have a negative report of Corona PCR test. Moreover, citizens of Middle Eastern countries do not need a visa to go to Ukraine.

The capital Kiev has been a major tourist attraction for so long. In recent times, many people are going to the city of Lviv. Various initiatives are being taken to please the tourists, especially the tourists from the Middle East. Halal food is being kept in all hotels. Menu cards are being made in Arabic.

The Saudi government has launched a direct flight from Riyadh to Kiev to make it easier for citizens to visit Ukraine. Since the launch of the flight in June, the number of Saudi nationals traveling to Ukraine has increased. The Saudi government will soon arrange flights to the city of Lviv.

References: Deutsche Welle


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