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Google is going to court against the regulatory body of India

Google is going to sue the Competition Commission of India (CCI). The regulatory body was investigating allegations of a monopoly on the US search giant. Google has decided to file a counter case against the company after the secret documents of the investigation were leaked.

Google decided to sue CCI on Thursday, Reuters reported. In an investigation against Google, the CCI discovered that Google had abused its Android-dominated position in the Indian market, illegally harming competitors by exploiting “massive financial power”.

In the third week of September, Google said it was optimistic about working with the CCI. Google wanted to show “how competition from Android has not diminished but new competition and innovation has begun.”

But Google said in a statement on Thursday that it would take legal action against the CCI. According to Reuters, Google has filed a legal challenge in the Delhi High Court to “prevent the illegal disclosure of more confidential documents”.

Google says it is “protesting against privacy breaches.” According to Google, the CCI has “damaged Google’s ability to defend itself and Google’s partners.”

“We have co-operated with caution and maintained confidentiality throughout the investigation process. We expect similar privacy from the company we work with, ”Google said in a statement.

The CCI did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Google.

The regulator ordered an investigation into Google’s role in the Indian market in 2019. Prior to the investigation, speculation was rife that Google was using its dominance in the market to reduce device manufacturers’ ability to use alternative operating systems, forcing manufacturers to pre-install their own apps on their devices.

The 650-page investigation report found that forcing Google to pre-install the app was “tantamount to imposing unfair conditions on device makers”, which is against India’s competition laws.

The investigation report was not made public. However, after reading the report, the news agency Reuters said that Google has also used its own ‘Play Store’ to maintain its dominance in the market.


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