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How To Find Your Building Number In Saudi Arabia-2022

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Finding Building Number, Short Address using National Address Locator

When living in Saudi Arabia, you may need to find your building number, additional number, and short address for different reasons. You may need it for national address registration or something else. Luckily, finding your building number is easy using the national address locator map. This article will walk you through the process of finding building number and other details in Saudi Arabia.

How do you locate your current location’s building number?

If you want to find your building number or the additional number of your current location, follow the steps below. 

  1. Go to the national address locatormap:
  2. Simply allow the site to access your location, and it will show you the map of your current location.
  3. Zoom in on the map until you see the short address, and select your one.
Building number find saudi
KSA Expat

Now you can see the building number, additional number or secondary number, and short address. 

How to find the building number of a different place

If you want to find the building numberor short address, or the additional number of a different place other than your current place, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the national address locator map:
  • Select English.
  • Select the “Advanced Search” option from the top menu.
  • Then select “Search By Address.”
  • Choose the region, city and district from the drop-down menu.
Saudi Building number find
KSA Expat

Navigate and zoom in on the map to find your location. Once you find your building click on that to get the building number and other details.


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