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How to Transfer Credit from STC to STC Sim

How to Transfer Credit from STC to STC

STC to STC Credit Transfer

STC allows its customers to transfer creditfrom one STC line to another. Active prepaid customers can use the STC to STC balance transfer service. The credit sender must have enough credit in his balance to transfer credit to others. Also, after the transfer, SR 20 must be left in the credit sender balance. The allowed minimum and maximum transfer amounts per transaction are SR 5 and SR 20, respectively.

Credit Transfer Amount

There is no limit to the number of transactions that can be done per day. The transfer amount should be a multiple of 5 (5,10,15 & 20). 

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Credit Transfer Fee

The fee for transferring credit within the STC network is SR 1 per transaction.

STC Credit Transfer Methods

First Method

You can transfer the balance from one SAWA account to another by dialling the following code on your mobile screen and pressing the dial button.

Dial *133*recipient number*amount# and press the call button

Example: *133*0552565765*10#

Second Method

The second method to transfer credit from STC to STC is by SMS. Type the following code and send it to 900.

Send text message *133*recipient number*amount# to 900

Example: Send text *133*0552555735*5#to 900

Third Method

The third way to transfer the balance from one STC number to another one is through the My STC mobile application.

Download and register the MY STC app and follow the steps: Manage > Transfer > enter the “Recipient Number” > Send

It is important to note that transferring credit to your mobile number does not increase the validity of your number.

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