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Procedure for the Cancellation of Expat Deportation from Saudi Arabia

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The Unified National Platform for electronic services in Saudi Arabia reveal. How a resident expat of the Kingdom for whom a penalty of deportation was issue, submits a request for cancellation of deportation from the Kingdom.

The Unified National platform specified the requirements and conditions for deleting the pattern or applying to cancel the decision after submitting it to the authority by complying with a number of requirements as follows:

– The resident must register for the request to cancel the deportation electronically on the state’s website.

– The deportee submits an acknowledgment and pledge regarding what was issue by him and which resulted in the deportation by complying with the laws and implementing the regulations.

– The applicant shall consult the Emirate regarding the status of the application, or appoint a representative to do so.

– By following these demands, the deportation from the Kingdom can be cancel. And the dimensional fingerprint removed and canceling the resident’s right, according to the text of the special article in the Penal Code that specifies the pardon clauses in deportation and residency affairs in the country.

Steps to submit a request for Cancellation of Deportation :

The Unified National Platform clarified that a resident expat against whom a decision of deportation was issued can follow. Some steps to submit a request to cancel the administrative deportation decision as follows.

– By Entering the emirate’s website, from the emirate’s services through the Absher platform.

– Select the Prisoners Services tab.

– Resolve the service of requesting exemption from deportation.

– After that, he completes some of the data required for the service as follows:

  • Applicant Name
  • Mobile number of the applicant registered in Absher
  • Identity number of the applicant for exemption from deportation.
  • Applicant Nationality
  • Full name of the Deportee.
  • Deportee’s Iqama number
  • Nationality of the person against whom deportation was issue.
  • Detailed statement with reasons for the request
  • Clarify the defenses for the request
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Send the Request.

– The service of canceling deportation is provided without any administrative fees and is aimed at serving resident expats in the Kingdom. The service is provided through the electronic portal of the Absher platform.

– For more information about the service, you can contact the unified number 00966125722727. Or through the Emirate’s office during working hours. From 7:30 AM until 2:30 PM or through email info@Makkah.gov.sa | Source- Saudi Expatriates

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