KSA Labor Law

  • Under 4 Conditions, Huroob Expats Can Rectify Their Status Without Sponsor

    Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) revealed four conditions in which expatriates with “runaway” or “absent…

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  • How To Calculate Overtime Saudi Arabia

    How to Calculate Overtime and Working Hours in Saudi Arabia?

    Do you have some extra time on your hands believing that overtime is not need in your company? You may…

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  • Saudi Arabia bans entry to expats violating exit/re-entry visa rules

    Document is essential for travel out of Saudi Arabia and return within stipulated period Saudi Arabia has announced that expats…

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  • 4 New Profession Reserve For Saudis 2022

    As per Article 36 of Saudi Labor Law, the Ministry of Labor has reserved 90 Iqama professions for Saudi nationals…

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  • How to Avoid Most Common Visa Violations in Saudi Arabia- Saudi Visa Penalty- Visa Violations MOFA

    Article Written By- Lesha Javed It might sound strange that someone would be careless about their or their family’s visa.…

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  • Again SR 1,000 fine going out without a Face-Mask.

    The Ministry of Interior has once again imposed SR 1,000 fine for not wearing face masks and social distancing protocols…

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  • 11 Banned Items Never to Bring to Saudi Arabia

    11 Banned Items Never to Bring to Saudi Arabia- How Expats Can Avoid Problems at Airport? Expats coming to Saudi…

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  • Saudi Arabia Arrested 14,519 illegals in a week.

    Reported By Saudi Gazette. Around 14,519 violators of residency and labor laws and border security regulations have been arrested in…

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  • 6-month jail, SR100,000 in fine for employer allowing to work for personal benefit

    The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) emphasized on Sunday that the employer, who allows his workers to engage in jobs…

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