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How To Renew 3 Months Iqama Fee & Details

renew 3 month iqama

In Saudi Arabia Iqama is your Identity card or Residential Permit. If your Iqama gonna expire, and you don’t renew it within period of 3 days. There is penalties, a fine of SAR 500 for the first time, SAR 1000 for the second time and it keeps increasing. However, it’s better to renew it within 3 days. You can do it online or visit the nearest Jawazat office.

According to the Law of Saudi Arabia, your employer has the choice to renew your Iqama quarterly for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months. So, you have the choice to get an updated Iqama on a quarterly or annual basis. But note that quarterly payments for domestic workers are not available.

3 Month Iqama Renewal Fee KSA

How much does it cost? The Iqama renewal fee for 3 months is SAR 163.00 only. However, if you want to extend its expiry time for 6 months, the fee is SAR 325.00, for 9 months SAR 488.00, and for 1 year the fee is SAR 650.00 only.

You can pay it through your bank account to Absher in Saudi Arabia. However, you can check the available funds in your account via Absher too.

For your information, the dependent fee is different as SAR 1200 for 3 months, SAR 2400 for 6 months, SAR 3600 for 9 months, and SAR 4800 for 1 year Iqama expiry extension.

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How to Renew 3 Month Iqama Online KSA

First login to your Bank account and pay the government fee for 3 months which is SAR 163.00. Log in to your bank account > SADAD > Government Payments > Iqama Renewal > Select the duration as 3 Months, and follow the instructions to complete the transaction. Now you as the employer must have an Absher account. Once you do that follow the below simple steps:

  • Open the Absher app and log in to your account.
  • Tap Sponsors at the bottom menu.
  • Select a person from the list and tap the + button.
  • Tap Iqama Renewal.
  • Select Iqama Renewal for 3, 6, 9 months, or 1 year.
  • Scroll down, agree to the terms, and tap Confirm and Renew button.
How To renew 3 month iqama
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Iqama has been successfully renewed. You will see a success message on your screen. However, the person with the Iqama number will also get an SMS from Jawazat that his Iqama expiry has been extended (for the selected duration).

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