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Digital Iqama for Expat Dependents Launched-2023

Saudi Arabia’s general directorate of passports (Jawazat) has launched the digital identity service for the dependents of expatriates (family members). With the introduction of the Digital Iqama, Jawazat has eliminated the need for expatriate dependents to carry printed iqama cards.

The Digital Iqama can be accessed through the Ministry of Interior’s electronic platform, Absher Afrad (Absher Individuals). With this service, expats can view and use the digital IDs of their family members, and keep a copy for reference when needed. It’s a convenient way for them to manage their family’s identification.

According to the Jawazat, the photo of Digital Iqama of an expat’s family members, submit through Absher Individuals, can be carrie and shown to security officials if requested. The holder does not need to have a physical copy of the ID with them. This applies anywhere within the Kingdom.

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The digital identity service for expat dependents is just one of the digital solutions provided by the Jawazat to make things easier for people in Saudi Arabia. These solutions can be access through the Absher platform, so there’s no need to visit a Jawazat office in person.


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