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4 New Profession Reserve For Saudis 2022

As per Article 36 of Saudi Labor Law, the Ministry of Labor has reserved 90 Iqama professions for Saudi nationals only which means no iqama renewals for expats in these professions. 

They will either have to change their profession or leave the job as there are no iqama renewals for expats in these professions. The newly added professions are;

  • 54-Data-entry clerk.
  • 56-Secretary.
  • 75-Translator.
  • 76-Stock Keeper.

List of Iqama Professions reserved for Saudi nationals


2-Complaint Clerk or Claims Clerk.

3-Booking Clerk.

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4-Customs clearance clerk.

5-Director of personnel relations.

6-Director of labor Affairs.

7-Reservation Agent.

8-Tourist Program Designer.

9-Duty Clerk or Attendance Control Clerk.

10-Employment Clerk.

11-Executive HR Manager.

12-Female Sales Specialist for Ladies Shop.

13-Head of Personnel Department.

14-HR Manager.

15-Senior HR Coordinator.

16-Payroll Officer.

17-HR Director.

18-Compensation and Benefits Officer.

19-Training Manager.

20-Key Specialist.

21-Labor Affairs Manager.

22-Receptionist (general).

23-Receptionist (hospitals).

24-Receptionist (hotel).

25-Recruitment Clerk or Employment Clerk.

26-Representative or Broker.

27-Security Guard.


29-Staff Affairs Clerk or Personal Affairs Clerk.

30-Staff Relations Manager.

31-Staff Relations Specialist.

32-Individual Affairs Clerk.



35-Shops selling watches.

36-Shops selling Eye-Glasses and Frames.

37-Medical appliances and equipment shops.

38-Electrical appliances and electronic shops.

39-Car Spare Parts Shops.

40-Building and construction material shops.

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41-Shops selling Carpets.

42-Automobile and motorbike showrooms.

43-Home and office furniture shops.

44-Readymade garments, children and men’s wear.

45-Household utensils shops.

46-Confectionery shops and patisseries.

47-Light-vehicle driver

48-Order Taker.

49-Safety and security officer.

50-Safety and security supervisor.

51-Food service employee.

52-Telephone operator.

53-Supervisor of telephone operators.

54-Data-entry clerk.

55-Administrative clerk.


57-General services supervisor.

58-Room service supervisor.

59-Maintenance supervisor.

60-Sales and marketing supervisor.

61-Tourism programs supervisor.

62-Front office supervisor.

63-Director of security and safety.

64-Acting director.

65-Maintenance manager.

66-Room service manager.

67-Customer service manager.

68-Administrative manager.

69-Sales and marketing representative.

70-Director of tourism programs.

71-Director of the front office.

72-Director of staff relations.

73-Health and Safety professionals.

74-Customer Care Service officer at Call Centers. – Arab News


76-Stock Keeper. – HRSD Ministry

77-Real Estate Broker.

78-Real Estate Sale and Rental Broker.

79-Land and Real Estate Registry Clerk. 

80-Real Estate Marketer.

81-Property Manager. 

82-Certified Sustainable Engineer.

83-Certified Resident Engineer.

84-Quality Inspector Engineer.

85-Building Inspector.

86-Real Estate Arbitrator. – Twitter

87-Government Relations Officer.

88-General manager.

89-Customs Categorizer.

90-Customs clearance broker. – Saudi Gazette

Article Credit: LISA

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