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Dammam Airport New Baggage Policy

King Fahd International Airport in Dammam has launched a new luggage policy for checked-in baggage. As per the new policy, passengers would not be able to take round-shaped, irregular-shaped, and loose strap bags.

Dammam Airport requested everyone to check the new baggage policy before heading towards the airport to avoid any inconvenience. In case of any confusion, you can call their phone for clarification at 920011233.

Dammam Airport Luggage Policy

Allowed Baggage

The following type of baggage is allowed to be checked in at King Fahd International Airport of Dammam.

  • The maximum size of any checked-in baggage is a length of 76 cm, breadth of 51 cm, and width of 31 cm.
  • Baggage with at least one flat surface. 
  • Properly packed boxes/cartons with a flat surface. 
  • Regular shaped travel bags.

Baggage Not Allowed

King Fahd International Airport of Dammam has strictly restricted and banned the following types of baggage.

  • Baggage with a size more than a length of 76 cm, breadth of 51 cm, and width of 31 cm. 
  • Round and irregular-shaped baggage. 
  • Irregular-shaped baggage tied with a rope.
  • Baggage with long or loose straps. 
  • ZamZam or any liquid inside the checked-in baggage.

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