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Saudi Arabia speeds up Land Bridge project to connect Kingdom’s seaports!!

Minister of Transport Saleh Al-Jasser, who is also the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Railways Company (SAR, said that the work is continuing and is progressing at an accelerated pace to accomplish mega projects, including the Land Bridge project that connects the Kingdom’s seaports on the Red Sea coast with the seaports on the coast of the Arabian Gulf via Riyadh.

He said the project will provide indispensable service and logistical priorities, which will positively affect the activation of the national strategy for transport and logistics.

Commenting on the recent decision of the Council of Ministers to abolish the Saudi Railways Organization (SRO) and replace it with the Saudi Railways Company (SAR), Al-Jasser said that this historic merger achieves goals befitting the Kingdom’s position and its effective role on the international arena in the field of economy, through the logistical gateway and its vital infrastructure.

“The merger is an important step forward in the field of privatizing some transport sector activities, and it contributes to raising efficiency and flexibility and enhancing the effectiveness of service, in order to achieve optimal investment of resources and open up broader operational and investment development horizons,” he added.

News Source- Saudi Gazzete


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