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Biden opens the door to green card application!

Non-resident permanent residency in the United States is tangled with green cards. US President Joe Biden’s new announcement will allow non-residents to apply for a green card to work on a US H1B visa. Former US President Donald Trump has long objected to applying for a green card to work on an H1B visa. He argued that Americans were having difficulty finding employment for non-residents. On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden lifted the ban imposed by his predecessor.

Many non-residents earn a living in the United States with H1B visas. A large part of the list of green card applicants is in July. In addition, many IT workers from other countries came to work in the United States. They are also on the list of applicants for green cards. However, Biden on Wednesday rejected the argument that Trump had banned them. “Trump’s argument is baseless,” the Democrat president said, dismissing Trump’s visa ban. His policy has separated families in America from their loved ones. It has also hurt America’s trade and economy. “

While green cards do not give non-residents the right to vote, they do provide other opportunities for permanent residence in the United States. Biden’s decision on Wednesday will pave the way for a fresh start to the process. However, the Biden administration will also work with him. Curtis Morrison, an immigration lawyer in California, said: It will take several years for the US State Department to grant clearance to the application that has been submitted for months in the Corona situation.

Biden has previously spoken out against Trump’s immigration policy. Biden also ordered the repeal of Trump’s infamous “Zero Tolerance Policy” on immigrants, which has led to many refugees losing their families, earlier this month.


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