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Saudi arabia imposes fine 2000 sar for dumping waste in national park.

The National Center for the Development of Vegetation Cover and SA Combating Desertification in Saudi Arabia said that penalties will be SA imposed on those who harm vegetation cover in forests and national parks.

According to the National Center, Dumping waste in national parks or forests is a violation that require a penalty of up to 2,000 Saudi riyals, reports Saudi Gazette. Trending : Riyadh to connect with Jeddah by Train While setting fires in place other than designated areas is also a violation which requires to penalize the violator with a fine of up to 3,000 Saudi Riyals, added the National Center in its statement.

The executive regulation for the development of vegetation cover and combating desertification specifies that damaging fixed or movable facilities, cutting or damaging fences or tampering with border or signboards in forests and parks is a violation with a maximum penalty of 3,000 Saudi riyals.


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