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Citizens, residents can now select vaccine of their choice on Sehhaty app!

Citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia can now option for a coronavirus vaccine of their choice while booking appointments through the Sehhaty app.

The app, which has recently been updated, now lets users know what vaccine is being administered at each vaccination center across the Kingdom and shows each of the registered vaccines carrying a barcode with a different color.

The new measure comes as Saudi Arabia started administering the second dose of vaccine against coronavirus for all age groups of people in the Kingdom from July 11.

So far, over 20 million doses of the vaccine have been administered so far through over 587 vaccination centers in all regions of the Kingdom.

Last month, the Saudi National Scientific Committee for Infectious Diseases gave its approval for using different COVID-19 vaccines for the first and second dose. “The approval is in accordance with international scientific studies that showed the possibility of giving two doses of two different coronavirus vaccines safely and effectively in fighting the virus, with the effectiveness of which the second dose aims to achieve,” the ministry said.


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