Messi is signing a five-year contract with Barca by reducing his salary by 50 percent

His contract with Barcelona expired on June 30, the new contract has not yet been signed. Meanwhile, Spanish football league president Javier Tevez’s remarks may have worried Barcelona fans, realizing that Barcelona is going to lose the best player in their history!

But if the latest rumor is true, it is not happening. The rumor is that Messi is going to renew his contract with Barcelona for five years.Messi is going to renew this contract by agreeing to reduce the salary by 50 percent! Ruben Uria, known as one of Messi’s trusted journalists, gave the same information in a report on

According to the Barcelona-based Spanish daily Sport, an initial agreement has been reached between Barcelona and Messi to renew the contract. Now all that is left is formality. According to a report published in the Spanish edition of the newspaper, the cancellation of the agreement has reached a stage where the two sides have reached an agreement.

There were also questions about the format of the five-year contract. It has been rumored for so long that if Messi renews his contract for five years, he will play in Barcelona for two years, then in the United States to play for David Beckham’s club Inter Miami, but there he will serve as Barcelona’s goodwill ambassador for the rest of the contract. At the end of the Inter Miami chapter, it was rumored that Messi would return to Barcelona as a goodwill ambassador.

But Sport reported today that the five-year contract does not include anything other than the game! That means Messi will play in Barcelona until the age of 39! Sport also said that the release clause is being kept at 350 million Euros in the contract.


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