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Bashar al-Assad has been sworn in for a fourth term

Bashar al-Assad has been sworn in as President of Syria. Through this, he came to power in the war-torn country for the fourth time in a row. Al Jazeera quoted Lebanon’s Al-Mayadin television as saying he had been sworn in parliament on Saturday (July 18th).

The 55-year-old president will remain in power in Syria for the next seven years after being sworn in for a new term, the report said. When he appeared in Parliament on that day, everyone welcomed him. Then he took oath in accordance with the constitution. More than 600 guests including politicians, athletes, journalists and artists were present on the occasion.

President Bashar al-Assad said that the nation that has chosen the path of freedom and liberation never gets tired of struggle. Many wanted to break up Syria. But the people have united and thwarted their conspiracy by confronting the enemy.

Earlier, in the May 28 presidential election in Syria, 7.8 percent of the vote. Bashar al-Assad won by a wide margin with 95.1% of the vote.

In addition, only three presidential candidates were able to run in the election. But about 48 people have submitted nomination papers. The rest were canceled by the Assad government. The main opponent is his former minister Abdullah Salum Abdullah.

Bashar al-Assad has been Syria’s president since 2000. Before that, Bashar’s father, Hafez al-Assad, had been in power for about 25 years.


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