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About 19 crore identified patients around the world

Corona infections are on the rise around the world. Experts blame the corona delta type as the reason for this. The number of patients diagnosed with coronavirus in the world has exceeded 194.2 million.

According to the World Updates website, which regularly updates the statistics of corona infections, the number of patients diagnosed with corona infection in the world was 19 crore 42 lakh 37 thousand 181 by 9 pm Bangladesh time on Saturday.

At the same time, a total of 41 lakh 63 thousand 615 people died in Corona in the world. The United States is the most affected country in the world. India ranks second in the list of affected countries. Brazil is in third place. Russia has risen to fourth place in the world’s fastest growing coronavirus. France is in fifth place.

The news agency Reuters says Indonesia has become the new epicenter of the Corona epidemic in Asia. The epidemic-hit tourist islands of Bali and Java have been hit by an oxygen crisis. Meanwhile, restrictions imposed in 15 regions, including the two islands, are set to expire on Sunday. Meanwhile, a research firm called Our World in Data says the death rate in Indonesia is three times higher than the global average.

“The situation is getting complicated as the number of newly infected patients is increasing every day,” Ketut Suarjaya, head of the Bali health agency, told local government media. We have been suffering from oxygen deficiency since July 14. ”He added that 113.3 tonnes of oxygen was needed for sand patients last Thursday.

The supply there was only 40.5 tons. However, the government has already begun importing oxygen from the United States and China, according to Reuters. And CNN reports that 80 people died in one day in a hospital in Java due to lack of oxygen.

The country’s government has so far identified more than 3 million people as infected with the coronavirus. 60 thousand 596 people have died. The infection is spreading rapidly in the country mainly due to the Delta type.

The US-based CNN reports that thousands of new patients are being identified in the country every day in the second wave of corona. Experts say that if this continues, the country’s healthcare system will collapse and face a catastrophe.

In Indonesia, the rate of corona infection began to rise in late May. The Indonesian government has been slow to take action. According to experts, once the Delta variant is captured, it spreads rapidly there. This situation could have been prevented if effective steps had been taken at the outset.

A report by the World Health Organization says the lack of adequate sample testing is not going to prevent the infection. As a result, the person affected by corona is not going to be kept in isolation at the right time. According to India’s NDTV, 39,097 corona have been identified in India in the last 24 hours till Saturday morning. At the same time, 548 people died in Corona in the country. The detection rate in 24 hours is 2.4.

The previous day’s detection rate on Friday was 2.14. According to government data, the number of patients diagnosed with corona in India is 3 crore 13 lakh 32 thousand 159. The number of people who died in Corona is 4 lakh 20 thousand 43. Corona is being detected below 3 percent daily for 33 days in the country. As a result, coronary heart disease is thought to be under control. In India, the recovery rate from corona is also increasing. This rate is more than 96. In addition, more than 42 crore people in the country have been vaccinated so far. However, it has been warned that a third wave could hit in late August.


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