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Covid Vaccine is safe for above 12 Years, Two doses are Sufficient for Now.

The Kingdom seeks to vaccinate everyone above 12 years old with 2 doses of the vaccine, In order to make sure that everyone is safe.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali

During his statements to MBC, he said that the Kingdom records nearly half a million appointments daily for receiving the Corona vaccine, highlighting that the turnout is constantly increasing.

Safety of the Vaccine for 12 years and above :

He said, We have the Food and Drug Authority and specialized committees in whom we trust, and international scientific bodies consider them to be references, the vaccine is very safe and effective for this category.

He added that, there is a very high turnout of the 12 year old who received the vaccine against Covid-19, more than 1 million, and none of them detected any negative symptoms.

Is two doses of Corona Vaccine is enough?

The health spokesperson said that the two doses are sufficient at these stage, stating that studies are ongoing.

Any updates will be announced in full transparency, but he called on those who received one dose to get the second, because the first step was not enough, said the health spokesperson.

Saudi Arabia vaccinated more than 24 million doses :

Saudi Arabia has given more than 24 million (24,021,708) doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 through its 587 vaccination centers all over the Kingdom, Of which first doses are 18,422,972 and second doses are 5,578,736, and the elderly people received 1,427,686 doses of the vaccine. 

Source- Saudi Expatriates


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