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New earnings feature on YouTube

YouTube, a video steaming platform owned by technology company Google, is unveiling new features for video creators. It is known that this new feature will work to increase the earnings of the manufacturers. The new feature called ‘Super Thanks’ will work like TickTock and Instagram Reels. Visitors will be able to support their favorite creators in exchange for money. This feature is a lot like super chat. YouTube’s new Super Thanks feature will allow viewers to support for a minimum of ২ 2 to ৫০ 50. As soon as Super Thanks is given, YouTube will show it with an animated GIF and colorful comments. Even the content creator will be able to give his feedback to the viewers in this super thanks.

The feature will be added to the accounts of video creators from 6 countries. At the same time, the creators who are eligible for this feature will also get the full benefit of it. In addition to Super Thanks, viewers will also be able to give Super Chat during the YouTube live broadcast. According to YouTube, the feature will not be available for videos that are restricted, listed, made for children, or controversial content.


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