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10 Useful Mobile Apps in Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Apps In Saudi Arabia

Today, mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives. The invention of mobile applications is one of the most significant technological advancements. If you own a smartphone, you must be familiar with mobile apps and have a variety of them installed on your device. Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries to pay attention to utilize the maximum possibility of mobile apps. The following are some of the most useful mobile apps in Saudi Arabia.

Absher App

The Absher app is one of the must-have mobile applications in Saudi Arabia. Absher enables Saudi citizens and residents to access various government services. Absher offers 280 different services at the moment.

Tawakkalna App

Another must-have mobile application in Saudi Arabia is the Tawakkalna App. It was developed by the National Information Center and is approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health for preventing the spread of coronavirus, verifying or providing proof of an individual’s vaccination status, and showing current infection or history of infection. Tawakkalna app is the official Saudi Contact Tracing app. It must be installed on your mobile device in order to gain access to workplaces, shopping malls, and airports.

Sehhaty App

Sehhaty App is a mobile application that provides health services to individuals in Saudi Arabia. The app aims to connect users to health information and medical e-services provided by various health organizations in the Kingdom, including appointment booking for COVID-19 tests, the Coronavirus self-assessment test, vital sign updates, tracking prescribed medication, retrieving and sharing sick leaves, and steps tracker. You can also download the COVID-19 vaccine certificate through the Sehhaty app.

Tabaud App

Tabaud app provides three primary services to users: Notifying them if they have had contact with others who have been confirm to be infect with the coronavirus.; Assisting them by sending their health forms to the Ministry of Health, which will provide them with necessary medical support based on the status and progress of their case.; Enabling those confirmed to be infect with coronavirus to vaccinate voluntarily.

Mawid App

Mawid app is an application of the Saudi Ministry of Health that allows patients to schedule appointments at primary health care centres and manage them by cancelling or rescheduling them and managing referral appointments.

Najm App

Najm insurance app in Saudi Arabia enables drivers or vehicle insurance policyholders to report an accident. This app also allows you to take photos of the accident scene and track the status of the accident. Also, you will be able to check the status of accident reports using the Najm app.

Al Kahraba App

The Al Kahraba app from the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) enables users to view their electricity bills and payment history.

National Water App

The National Water Company’s National Water app allows you to check water bills, payment history, submit an objection to the bill.

Eatmarna App

Eatmarna is one of the apps of the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah. The Eatmarna enables those wishing to perform Umrah and visit to apply for permits to enter the Two Holy Mosques for Umrah, visit, and prayers in accordance with the capacity approved by the concerned authorities, ensuring the provision of a spiritual and safe environment that adheres to health precautions and controls. And the regulatory system, in conjunction with the ‘Tawakkalna application,’ to ensure the applicant’s health is safe.

Mada Pay

Mada Pay is one of the widely used mobile apps in Saudi Arabia. It is the most convenient way to pay every day. You can use the app to keep all your cards in a single place with the freedom to use. It both nationally and internationally. Moreover, you can pay with any of these cards via NFC at the point of sale.

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