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Steps to Cancel Umrah permit and conditions for its Issuance & Cancellation.

Steps to Cancel Umrah permit and conditions for its Issuance, Cancellation of mandatory 15day gap between 2 Umrah pilgrimages.

The “Tawakkalna” platform in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia clarified the steps for canceling the Umrah permit and the conditions for its issuance.

This came in light after one of the beneficiaries inquired, asking, “I want to cancel the Umrah permit due to an emergency situation, what is the method?”

The official account for the care of the beneficiaries of the Tawakkalna application responded it via Twitter stating. “To cancel the Umrah permit, from the “services”, access to ‘Hajj and Umrah services’, ‘permits’ are select, click on a permit to display its data, and then click on cancel permit.”

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Regarding the conditions for issuing an Umrah permit, the Tawakkalna said: “The conditions for issuing a permit for Umrah by means of Tawakkalna are,

  • The health condition must be vaccinated with two doses.
  • Age must be 12 or above.
  • Applicant must be present in the Saudi Arabia.

Ministry of Hajj cancels the condition of 15 days mandatory interval between two Umrah :

Last week, The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has canceled a gap of 15 days between two Umrah pilgrimages. Now pilgrims can book for Umrah permit after the expiry of an active Umrah permit through Eatmarna and Tawakkalna applications.

Similarly, for performing prayers at the Grand Mosque, it was not possible for more than 24 hours, However, worshippers can apply for a second permit immediately after the expiry of the validity of first permit.

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Source- Saudi Expatriates


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