Long line in Afghanistan to leave the country

They have received indications that the Taliban are coming to power. And that is why Afghans are desperate to leave the country. Thousands of people have been gathering at Kabul’s passport office for the past few days. People are running from far and wide. Corona is standing in line, cuddling. One line at a time in each window. Bella is growing, the line is getting longer. Not only is the Taliban’s misrule a threat, but the country’s nearly 1.5 million people are already reeling from the drought and food crisis. In a report released on Wednesday, AFP described the historic scene of leaving one’s homeland to save one’s life.

Foreign troops have left the country. Afghans are beginning to feel insecure. The Taliban have seized most of the country. In this situation, thousands of Afghan men and women are terrified of life. They want to leave the country before the situation worsens. Like thousands of Afghans, Abdel Khalid is standing in a long line outside the main passport office. “The situation in the country is not looking good,” he said. Khalid, 52, added: “We have no chance of being safe during the Taliban’s rule.”

Afghans say they will have to leave the country as soon as the Taliban come to power. Because, they do not have a defense shield or manpower that can save them from their hands.

Dozens of people line up at the passport office before dawn most days, an AFP reporter said. This line is more than 100 meters long. A policeman on duty in front of the passport office said that about 10,000 people crowd in front of the passport office every day. The 36-year-old engineer stood in line at 5am to get a passport for his wife and three children. Khalilullah, who is eager to leave the country with his family, said, “Before we arrived, there were at least 300 people standing in line.”

Computer science student Jinat Bahar Nazari (23) was shocked to remember the face of Taliban-terrorism. “When we were children, we heard from our families that the Taliban were killing people, many people were missing,” he said. They were violent towards women, let’s go ahead with women’s education it’s not what they wanted. They were even a threat to women’s basic rights or human rights. By Taliban we mean terrorism, suicide bombings and bloodshed. If they come to power again, how will we stay in this country? ‘

Jinat Bahar, who dreamed of a bright future, has lost hope. “If they (the Taliban) come to power, we will be wiped out,” he said. Isn’t it better to run away before that? ‘

Many people do not know the answer to the question of where to flee from the country, even if they come to get a passport. But their response was, ‘Somehow I’m getting better. The rest will be seen later. ‘

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