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Iran responsible for shipwreck off Oman coast “Israel”

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An Israeli merchant ship was attacked off the coast of Oman. Two sailors lost their lives in the incident. One is British and the other is Romanian. Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid has accused Iran of involvement in the deadly attack.

The ship, operated by an Israeli businessman, was attacked last Thursday. After the attack, the ship’s operator, Zodiac Maritime, said the deaths of the two crew members were “extremely tragic.” No one else was injured, they said.

Zodiac Management’s Twitter post said, “The ship was north of the Indian Ocean at the time of the incident. It was heading towards the port of Fujairah from Dar es Salaam.”

They added that the ship is now being operated by its crew and is heading to safety with the help of the US Navy. The UK’s Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) said it had launched an investigation into the incident. They also said that the joint forces were assisting the ship.

Although the company claims to have carried out the robbery, Israel is suspicious of Iran. Yar Lapid said in a statement that two sailors were killed in the attack on the oil tanker. He blames Iran’s terrorism.

“Iran is not the only problem for Israel, the world must not be silent about their actions,” he added.

Despite the allegations against Iran, they have not yet made an official statement on the matter.


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