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480 years Jail fortransferring moneyoutside KSA illegally

Who was involved in money laundering?

A criminal gang of 24 people including Saudis and expats has been sentenced to 480 years of collective Jail for money laundering SR 17 billion ($4.532 billion) out of Saudi Arabia.

The court has sentenced each gang member to 20 years of jail, SR 75 million fine, and seized the amount which was in their custody.

The Saudi nationals involved in this crime shall also face a 20 years long travel ban while the expats shall face deportation as soon as their imprisonment ends.

How did they carry the illegal money transfers?

The gang has been conducting all these activities under an operational cover of commercial facilities that included factories, companies, institutions, and medical clinics.

Some of the people who knew about these criminal activities yet did not reported them or had been helping the gang through advice and other services have also been found guilty by the court.

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