Belgium coach is going to get the responsibility of Barcelona!

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After the dismissal of Kiki Setien and the appointment of Ronald Koeman, it was thought that Barcelona’s fortunes would change. It is obvious how bright the fortunes of the new camp have been under the Dutch coach. Barcelona’s situation is even worse with the departure of Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann. Barca-like performance is not seen in any match. In such a situation, rumors of Koman’s departure have spread. After the Dutchman, who will handle the dugout of the Blaugans? The answer was given by According to the football website, Barca have chosen Spanish coach Roberto Martinez as their new coach.

Former star Xavi Hernandez’s name is heard occasionally. But not Xavi, the name of the current coach of Belgium Martinez has been heard for the last few days.

Mario Cortegana and Adria Saldevia, two Spanish journalists at, said Barcelona had already begun talks with Martinez.

According to, Martinez himself told the Belgian federation after formal contact with Barcelona that he would move to Camp Nou if offered.

Barcelona did not win any title last season. Has been third in La Liga. Ronald Koeman survived the team’s disappointing performance. Lionel Messi left Barcelona. The field performance is declining. Barcelona at number seven in La Liga. At the beginning of the season, a gap of 6 points with the top Real Madrid. Dissatisfaction among the supporters with the team’s shocking performance and style of play.

Koeman speaks directly to the media about the team’s capabilities. He has already said that there is no hope of winning the title in the Champions League and La Liga. He left without answering questions from reporters at a press conference before the match against Cadiz on Thursday. Barcelona did not know about such a decision of Koman. For various reasons, including this issue, Koman has created distance with Barca president Juan Laporta.

Meanwhile, European media have reported that Barca president Juan Laporta has a good relationship with Belgian coach Martinez. So if the two of them match four, the possibility of Martinez’s new camp journey will become a reality.

However, there are doubts about whether Martinez will leave Belgium before the World Cup. Barcelona will have to pay 1.5 million euros to bring in Martinez before the end of the contract with Belgium.


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