With Messi’s first goal, PSG won the Champions League match by defeating Man City

When will the ‘terrible’ attack of PSG be caught on the field? When will Lionel Messi get the goal in New Jersey? The answers to the two questions seemed to match in an instant. The Argentine star celebrated the goal with a great understanding with Killian Mbabane. Mauricio Pachettino’s side won a great victory over Manchester City.

The hosts won the Champions League Group A match 2-0 at Pak de France on Tuesday night. In the beginning, the team went ahead with the goal of Idrisa Gayi.

Messi, who joined PSG in August after a 21-year relationship with Barcelona, ​​seemed to be finding nothing. The frustration of getting the ball in the post in two consecutive matches is also added. After that he was out for two matches due to knee injury. There was a lot of time faded in today’s return match. Finally came that special moment. He said in an eye-catching goal that he is ready to spread the light in the old form to the new address.

This result is definitely a disappointment for City, which dominates the ball possession, passing and attack. They took 16 shots throughout the match, seven of which were on target. In contrast, PSG scored three goals in six shots. And both of them are entangled in the net.

In the first five minutes of the match, the ball was around PSG’s D-box. Then they got into the first counter attack and got the goal in the eighth minute.

In the attack coming from the right side, Ashraf took Hakimi’s pass and cut back from the byline. Neymar could not put his foot in the gap, Riyad Mahrez failed to clear. Gayi got the ball near the penalty spot and found the address with a high shot without any hindrance.

After some time in mid-centric football, City did not get a goal in the 28th minute. Bernardo Silver Tokao also takes the crossbar after Raheem Sterling’s header was blocked in the crossbar by Kevin de Bruyne!

In the 37th minute, Ander Errera was found outside the D-box by Mbabane, who counter-attacked with the left. But the Spanish midfielder was disappointed with the shot along the goalkeeper without interruption. Except for a moment, Americanios failed to put his foot down as Mbabane’s goal extended.

In the 43rd minute, PSG went to the break after Ruben Dias’ head goalkeeper Janluigi Donnarumma jumped on De Bruyne’s cross.

City made several good attacks in the first 15 minutes of the second half; But they could not create a definite opportunity to keep the opponent’s freezing. In the 54th minute, a strong shot from De Bruyne was blocked by Donnarumma’s leg.

This is how the match went. After overcoming the attack of the opponent, PSG used to counter-attack from time to time. In the 64th minute, Messi matched himself in such an attack. Messi passed to Mbabane in the D-box, avoiding defender Emery Laport, who was stuck with the ball. The French star returned the flick at the first touch. The Argentine star made the scoreline 2-0 with a great shot from the left foot.

The record-breaking six-time Footballer of the Year scored his first goal in a PSG jersey. This is his 121st goal in the Champions League.

The rest of the time the city attacked in parallel. Opportunity also comes in the first minute of added time; But Donnarumma kept the net intact by blocking Riyad Mahrez’s free kick.

Defeating Leipzig 6-3 in the first leg could be a source of frustration for City’s one-of-a-kind finishing coach Pep Guardiola.

In the last edition of the best in Europe, PSG lost in both legs against this city and left. This time the team from Paris applied some coating on that wound.

Sharing points with Club Brugge in the first round, PSG is at the top with 4 points in two matches.

Club Brugge, who beat Leipzig 2-1 in another match of the day, are in second place with 4 points. City is at number three with 3 points. Leipzig’s point is zero.


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