The world’s most popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp (WhatsApp) is often landed with new features. It was announced this morning that the Multi Support 2.0 feature will be added to this platform soon. Also to make your Android users happy, WhatsApp seems to be working on some more features.

In fact, the company, which is owned by Facebook, has recently submitted two new updates (version and version under the Google Play Beta program. And these two beta updates will feature a new interface (UI) for voice messaging and message reactions, according to WhatsApp news portal WABetaInfo.

Changes to WhatsApp’s voice message animation

Just a few days ago, WhatsApp launched the ‘Voice Message Preview’ option for all Android Beta users. In it, a specific button is provided to listen to the record manually before sending a voice message as well as to delete it at will. But now WhatsApp is going to bring a UI change in the voice message section of certain beta users.

According to a screenshot shared by WABetaInfo, the platform has added a dot with a waveform UI for voice message play. Although this feature, available in beta version, has changed slightly, it is expected to change the user experience of using the app.

Message reaction feature

For a long time now, Facebook’s Messenger has the advantage of message reaction. However, it has been heard from a few days ago that WhatsApp will soon offer this feature so that the fun of chatting will be doubled and users will be able to share their feelings more easily.

This feature was seen in the beta version of iOS a few days ago. But in the end, the same advantage is going to come to Android. According to WABetaInfo, the Android beta version of has hints about this feature. So it is assumed that after the next few updates, it will be suitable for use.

WhatsApp’s Android beta testers get new updates almost every day. As a result, even if the two versions mentioned are available on their device, it is not surprising.

Although WABetaInfo reports that these are now in the development or testing phase, after some waiting they may be observed on the platform.

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