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New guidelines for Saudi Expatriates

The government of Saudi Arabia has issued new guidelines for expatriates. According to the new guidelines, from now on only those who have received the full dose of the corona vaccine will be able to enter any public or private institution, Saudi Arabia said. People who have receive a single dose of the vaccine or who have been vaccinate but have not been vaccinate will not be able to enter these institutions.

The country’s interior ministry said in a statement that the new rules would take effect on October 10 at 6am.

The Saudi Interior Ministry said the decision would apply to any type of financial, business, cultural, recreational, sports, entry, boarding and public transport. In case of entering any kind of cultural, entertainment, social, educational program.

Meanwhile, many expatriates have to return from the airport as they do not know the new guidelines.

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Recently, the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority changed its quarantine policy. It has mention that from now on, even if one dose of vaccine is give for entering Saudi Arabia, one has to stay in the institutional quarantine for five days at one’s own expense.

Earlier, it was possible to enter Saudi Arabia with a single dose of vaccine, but under the new conditions, that opportunity no longer exists.

The new Saudi Civil Aviation Terms say that non-Saudi nationals who went on vacation with a single dose of vaccine from Saudi Arabia must receive a quarantine package upon their return.

However, in Saudi Arabia, if one person takes another dose from Own Country, no clear instructions give to what will happen in that case.

Because of this new decision, those who went to the country with a single dose of vaccine have suffered. Since there is no validity of the visa, many people are multiplying the additional money for the quarantine package.

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