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Reasons Saudi employers love to hire Filipinos!

Around 1 million Filipinos are living in Saudi Arabia. There are 7 reasons Saudi employers love to hire and keep them in their workforce.

Being an employer, if you ask me what do I value the most in my employees, it would be discipline and punctuality. Filipinos are trained in a way that they show the highest level of these traits in their personality.


Some employees are creative but they are not that hardworking, this is not the case with Filipinos. They are one of the most hard-working people in Saudi Arabia. They do their job as it is assigned to them and that too on time (punctuality).


We have heard cases of different nationalities involved in different kinds of fraud in Saudi Arabia, but this is not the case with Filipinos. They are satisfied with what they are getting from their employers and do not go beyond their limits.

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The fact that 80% of nurses in Saudi hospitals are Filipinos tells you how trustworthy they are in the eyes of Saudis.

Satisfied with the wages

Many employers do not like employees when they keep on asking for a pay raise without considering the situation of their employer. This is not the case with Filipinos who keep on working for the same salary for which other nationalities are asking a way higher wages.

Language Adaptability

English and Arabic are the two most spoken languages in Saudi Arabia. You will hardly find a Filipino who does not speak English and soon they adapt to learn Arabic too.

Humble and Respectful

You will hardly find a Filipino who is not respectful to other people. Whatever encounter I have with Filipinos, they always give me a lot of respect no matter what is the situation. They always call you “sir”, even if you ask them not to call it.

No fights

There could be a disagreement between two Filipinos, but I have hardly seen them fighting with other nationalities. Due to their humble attitude, they do not create conflicts.

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