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Iqama Holders Allowed To Entry Saudi Arab Without Vaccine

According to Saudi Press Agency Report Saudi Arabia has lifted the following preventive measures to counter coronavirus in Saudi Arabia effective immediately;

A Saudi Iqama holders can enter in Saudi Arabia regardless of their immunization status.

  • However, a visit visa holder must be fully vaccinated to enter KSA. The booster dose is a condition to travel for those who have spent 3 months from the last date of taking the second dose, with the exception of those under 16 years of age.

– No social distancing is require in all places (close and open).

– No need to wear a face mask in open places. However, you are still required to wear a face mask in closed places.

PCR is not require before entering Saudi Arabia.

– People coming to Saudi Arabia on a visit visa need to have COVID-19 insurance to cover the cost of the treatment from infection.

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Passengers coming to Saudi Arabia do not need to do any institutional or home quarantine. However, Muqeem Vaccine Registration is still require.

  • It includes people coming from India and Pakistan.
  • People who are already in institutional quarantine have to complete the process.
  • If you have paid the fee for institutional quarantine, you can take a refund from the airline/agent.

The suspension on direct flights from specific countries has been lift. Now people from anywhere in the world can directly enter Saudi Arabia without any quarantine requirement.

Source: SPA

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