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SR 3,000 Fine For Placing Parking Barriers At Home

Parking Front of home ksa

SR 3,000 fine for placing cones/barriers in front of your house to reserve a parking spot – Jeddah Mayoralty.

All around Saudi Arabia, it has been a regular practice of placing parking barriers, bottles, cones, or some other stuff on the street to stop other people from parking in front of your building.

Can someone park in front of your house?

People believe that since they are living in the building, they have the right to park in front of the house.

As per Article 3/39 of the table of municipal violations and penalties, the house owners have no right to close the areas in front of their homes to stop people from parking there. 

The owners of the houses are not owners of the street and thus cannot put up barriers to stop people from utilizing it. 

It is important to note that the parking barriers can be placed by the house owner on the area owned by him as per the title deed but not on the public street.

Who will pay the fine? Landlord or Tenant

SR 3,000 fine will be imposed on the owner of the building if he is placing parking barriers in front of the building. 

However, if it is proven that the barriers are placed by an employee of the landlord or by the tenants, the landlord would have the right to claim it from them. Therefore, tenants should avoid the practice now.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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