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Top Money Transfer Services in Saudi Arabia

Top Money Transfer Services in Saudi Arabia

International Money Transfers in Saudi Arabia

If you’re an expat living in the Middle East, you know how important it is to have a reliable money transfer service. With the rise of the internet, it’s now easier than ever to transfer money to other countries. If you are looking for the top money transfer services in Saudi Arabia, this blog article gives you a list of 7 popular options.

#1: Tahweel Al Rajhi

Tahweel Al Rajhi is one of the top money transfer services in Saudi Arabia. It is the remittances arm of Al Rajhi Bank, providing international and local money remittance services. Tahweel Al Rajhi offers a variety of international money transfers. These transfers can be done through their website, ATM, KIOSK, Mobile Apps, or POS. The transfers can be made to any country in the world. How To Open New Account In Al Rajhi Bank Online KSA -2022.

#2: SNB Quickpay

If you are looking for a top money transfer service in Saudi Arabia, SNB Quickpay is the perfect option. SNB Quickpay (Formerly NCB Quickpay) is one of the most popular money transfer services in Saudi Arabia. SNB Quickpay allows you to send money to your home country at any time using an ATM, phone banking, or the Alahli mobile app. Quickpay Mobile application support several languages, including Arabic, English, Tagalog, Urdu, Bengali, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Malayalam and Sinhala. You can open a new Quickpay account by visiting one of the Quick pay centres with a valid Iqama.

#3: STC Pay

STC Pay is a digital wallet offered by Saudi Telecom Company. STC Pay allows you to transfer money internationally from your phone to anywhere in the world at competitive rates and with a variety of delivery options. With STC pay, you can send money to friends and family back home in a matter of seconds. How To Transfer Money From STC Pay To International Bank.

#4: ANB Telemoney

ANB Telemoney is another popular money transfer service in Saudi Arabia. The TeleMoney remittance service is a simple, secure and speedy way to send money home to your loved ones. ANB Telemoney offers a wide range of money transfer options, including international and local money transfers. The TeleMoney app allows money transfers without the need to visit TeleMoney Center.

#5: Fawri Money Transfer

Fawri is the money transfer division of the Bank AlJazira. Fawry money transfer service offers the best exchange rate and most competitive fees. They offer a wide range of services, including international remittance, foreign exchange and fast cash.

#6: Money Express

Money Express by Riyad Bank is another reliable money transfer service in Saudi Arabia. Money Express is the best way to send money internationally with low fees and exchange rates. How To Open a Riyad Bank Account Online KSA.

#7: ERSAL Money Transfer

One of the top money transfer services in Saudi Arabia is ERSAL Money Transfer. It is the first leading remittance company in Saudi Arabia. Ersal is linked to a vast network of correspondent banks through which they provide remittance services. The Ersal money transfer also provides money transfer services via the globally recognised Western Union (WU). Ersal has a huge network of branches in the Kingdom. Some of these branches are Saudi Post SPL branches, and others are standalone branches.


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