How do I make money with ClickBank in 2021?

Clickbank and the affiliate marketing business model don’t change all that much from one year to the next. The best way to make consistent money from Clickbank (or any other affiliate network) into 2021 is to start a blog. Blogs are great for a number of reasons, and depending on the niche you’re in, they may or may not include video.

  1. Most affiliate networks, social platforms, and such don’t typically allow you to post straight affiliate links. This is considered spam and could get your accounts shut down. Basically, you are able to post and get traffic from more places.
  2. Having a blog is great for generating residual income. This means that you post content once but will continue to profit from it for as long as people are looking for what you are promoting. If a product is high-quality and popular, you could make money from it for years.
  3. When you have a blog, you are also able to build an e-mail list of targeted buyers. Having a large e-mail list is how all of the gurus are able to make so many sales in a short period of time (when participating in product launches). It also acts as like a second income stream for your blog.

You should also be careful about what you promote. Just because something is selling, this does not mean that it is a quality product. Don’t promote anything that you wouldn’t use or haven’t tried. On Clickbank, many product creators will provide you with “review access” (also known as free), if you tell them that you are interested in reviewing their product, so that you can make them a lot of money.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can make money with Clickbank in 2021 or about the affiliate marketing business model, in general, I invite you to check out my profile. You will be pointed to a resource that not only offers some FREE training, but it’s also a good place to interact with other affiliate marketers like me, that can help you along the way. Let me know if you have any questions.

Post Credit- Joey Massenburg


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