EMUIEMUI 11 vs EMUI 10.1: Here are the changes made to Camera app and features!

Nowadays, the camera is one of the priority features of smartphones for everyone. On the flip side, the camera quality is also very important. Peoples capture moments of time and freeze them for later enjoyment and to refresh their memories.

Memories bring them back and people connect us to their past, they remind us of people, places, feelings, and stories. Huawei is known for its smartphone camera capabilities and the remarkable advancement it has made in the past.

Huawei’s camera app provides you various features that you may hard to find in any other smartphone manufacturer and offers different kinds of camera modes to suit your needs.

With the latest edition of EMUI, Huawei is rolling out new changes that will enhance the way you interact with the camera operations and increases the overall user experience.

Below you can check the changes that you may find in the camera app after upgrading to EMUI 11.

To take High-pixel photos in EMUI 11:

Before installing the update, there were a RAW switch and a high-pixel option available in the viewfinder when in Pro mode. The different options allow the users to take the different types of images that include:

  • High-pixel RAW images
  • Regular RAW images
  • High-pixel JPG images
  • Regular JPG images

After installing the update, the RAW switch and high-pixel option are merged together and named as JPG switch. The options are also renamed to different types of image are:

  • RAW results in high-pixel RAW images
  • JPG-L results in high-pixel JPG images
  • JPG results in regular JPG images

Changes in video recording viewfinder:

After updating to EMUI 11, the exposure icon and focus frame will remain on the viewfinder if you touch the focus icon before or during the video recording. It helps you to view and adjust the exposure as well as focus in real-time while recording a video. This will not affect your videos, so don’t worry about that.

Source- Huawei Central


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