NASA Perseverance sent pictures of the river that dried up 400 million years ago!

About 400 million years ago, the water of a river on Mars dried up due to an asteroid impact. This time, the US space agency NASA’s robot went to Perseverance to take a picture of the deltaic river delta on Mars.

Not only the deltaic islands of the dried up river but also the rugged rocky lands, the dull deserts and the sky that have become monotonous in color have all been captured by the camera of that robotic vehicle. It sent a picture of the rocky surface of Mars at the time of landing. The new pictures match exactly with him. On February 21, Perseverance captured more than a hundred scenes by rotating 360 degrees with a high-powered camera.

NASA has created a landscape around the robotic space across 142 images; Through which the general public is getting acquainted with the landscape of Mars better. From there, the camera captures the surrounding scene with its 135-400 millimeter Mastcam-Z dual camera, which can be used to zoom in on images up to 30,000 pixels. Even objects up to 3 to 5 millimeters can be seen clearly in this picture. The high-powered camera is also capable of taking 3D pictures and videos. That will be right through that camera. Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration and San Diego’s Maleni Space Science Systems have jointly developed the equipment and technology for the mastcam-Z node. It will dig rocks for a few years and collect rock, fossils and soil samples from there and send them to Earth by 2030. Scientists will test them in the laboratory and come to a final conclusion. Let me know if the red planet can be made suitable for human habitation at all.


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