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WhatsApp will run on mobile without a net connection

WhatsApp is useless without internet. Whether on the phone or on the computer, you need internet to use WhatsApp. However, this rule is going to change this time. WhatsApp web will run on mobile phones without a net connection.

Recently, a new update of WhatsApp has come. Even if you don’t have a net connection on your mobile, you can run WhatsApp Web on your desktop. This update has been brought for both Android and iPhone.

This new feature of WhatsApp can only be found on the web. This means that it can be used only if you run WhatsApp on a laptop or desktop computer. Even if there is no net on the phone, WhatsApp will run on the computer. Even if the phone is switched off, communication with anyone will not be cut off. But you must have internet on the desktop.

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For this, users have to click on the WhatsApp beta option. This service will not work without beta. How to launch beta? The procedure is simple. Click on the three dots at the top right of the WhatsApp screen and click on the ‘Link to Device’ option, just like when you run the WhatsApp web. There will be a beta option, if you click on it, the beta service will match. However, this service has only one disadvantage. If a message needs to be deleted after it has been sent to WhatsApp, it cannot be removed from the machine. You have to do it by opening WhatsApp from the phone.

If the phone is turned off for more than 14 days, the WhatsApp web will be logged out of the machine automatically.

Source: The Wall.


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