Xiaomi is the world’s second largest smartphone maker after Apple

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has overtaken Apple to become the world’s second largest smartphone maker in the second quarter of the year.

Xiaomi ranked second for the first time with a 16 percent share of global smartphone shipments, three percent more than the previous quarter, market research firm Canalis said in a report on Thursday.

Global smartphone shipments grew 12 percent in the second quarter. Of these, Samsung, the market leader, accounted for 19 percent. Apple is in third place with 14 percent share.

The average selling price of Xiaomi phones is about 40 percent and 75 percent lower than that of Samsung and Apple, respectively. Ben Stanton, Canalis Research Manager, said a key focus for Xiaomi this year is to increase sales of high-quality devices.

According to the report, Shaomi’s shipments in Latin America have increased by 300 percent, in Africa by 150 percent and in Western Europe by more than 50 percent.


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