Amazon’s new hardware is coming

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E-commerce giant Amazon is hosting a hardware event on September 27th. The popular hardware product of the popular e-commerce company will be unveiled at the event.

Amazon has promised to release news about new devices, features and services in an invitation to the media. The company did not disclose any other information. However, it is thought that just as new products were launched last year, a number of products can be seen this time as well. In 2020, Amazon announced new Echo speakers, Luna gaming services, an Iro Mesh router with WiFi 7, and a Fire TV device. At that time the indoor security drone of the ring was shown but it has not seen the light of day. Amazon is not doing any online live streaming of this show of physical presence.

As a result, the tech world will have to rely on various sources in the media and Amazon to know what new products or services are coming.


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