Knowing that Apple has avoided the error, millions of iPhones are at risk

IPhone owners are facing three new threats. There are indications that Apple is responsible for the three threats. An anonymous researcher has recently exposed the three ‘Zero-Day’ errors in iOS 14 and iOS 15.

Forbes reports that millions of iPhones around the world are now at risk due to three errors. The researcher claims that he informed Apple about the errors a few months ago, but Apple has now made them public as it has not agreed to take any action. The main purpose – to force Apple to take action.

“I have complained about four Zero Day errors between March 10 and May 4 this year. So far, the latest iOS version (15.0) has three bug fixes and iOS 14.8 has one bug fixed. But Apple wanted to keep it a secret and not list it on the security content page. ” – Written by the researcher under the pseudonym ‘Illusion of Okes’.

“When I asked them about it, they apologized, assured me that this was due to a processing problem, and promised to list it on the security content page in the next update.” There have been three releases since then and each time they have broken their promise to me. ”

“Ten days ago I asked for an explanation and warned them that I would make my research public if I did not get an explanation. My request was not granted, so I am doing what I said. Responsive disclosure guidelines have been followed in my activities (published 90 days after the vendor was notified of the error in Google Project Zero, 120 days in case of JDI). I waited even longer, in one case for about half a year. ” – The researcher wrote in the context of publicly reporting the Zero Day error.

Forbes says there are two concerns for Apple fans. The first is to face these three Zero Day threats. And second, it may be just an incident coming to the fore. Apple may not have responded to the warnings of many more researchers, and many Zero Day errors remain.

Apple has long presented itself as a privacy grip on users. But in recent times, he has also cracked the image. Apple did not immediately comment on the three new bugs.


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