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Kuwait announces new procedures for Entering and Leaving the country

Reported By Saudi Expatriates

The General Administration of Civil Aviation in Kuwait issued a circular to all airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport, specifying new procedures regarding exit and entry rules in the country, according to a cabinet decision, after assessing the global epidemiological situation of the Corona virus.

First : Departure from Kuwait :
It is not allowed to travel outside Kuwait for citizens who have been 9 months since receiving the completed and approved doses of corona vaccine, as they considered as incomplete immunized unless they receive the booster dose from the approved vaccines, starting from 2nd January 2022.

Second : For All Arrivals to Kuwait from 26th December 2021 (00:01 AM) :
1. Do not allow any arrival passengers into Kuwait unless they have negative PCR test certificate, proving that they are free from covid-19, provided valid for 48 hours from the date of swab test to the time of acceptance on the flight.

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2. Home quarantine of 10 days will be impose after the arrival to Kuwait with possibility of ending quarantine before that, in case of a PCR test is perform at least 72 hours from the arrival time proving free from corona virus.

Third : Proof of Vaccination :
For Travelers Vaccinated in Kuwait :
* Must provide proof of vaccination upon arrival to the country through Immune or Kuwait mobile ID.

For Travelers vaccinated outside Kuwait :
* Immunization to be prove by presenting vaccination certificate including the following

– Name matching the Passport
– Type of Vaccination received
– Date of Doses taken
– Name of vaccine agency.

– Electronic Readable QR code, if no QR code is available, then vaccination certificate must uploaded through Ministry of Health website for authentication.

Fourth : For Domestic Workers :
– Non-immunized domestic workers can recruited as listed in the above item by registration in Bilsalamah platform.

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