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How to Check Border Number in Saudi Arabia

Check Boarder Number Online

What is the Border Number in Saudi Arabia?

The Border number is a unique 10-digit number issued to each expatriate entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a new visa. You can now check this number by visiting the Absher portal online. Here are the steps.

How to Check Border Number Online

Visit the Abhser website: https://absher.sa/

Choose “Individuals.”

Select English.

Select the “Query Border Number” option from the homepage.

Choose one of the two options: GCC Citizen or Non-GCC Citizen

Enter your “Visa Number” (you can find your visa number and issue date on the visa page of your passport)

Enter “Visa Issue Date” and Image Code.

Then click on the “Inquire” button.

You can see your Border Number on the next page.

Inquiry Saudi Boarder Number

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